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The purpose of the general training session is to provide an opportunity for athletes to build their general fitness base in a fun environment. Parents are welcome to train with their children. Opportunities for event specific training will also be provided throughout the year.

Training will generally happen on:
– Sundays 10am- 11am
– Wednesdays 5:30pm- 6:30pm
If you have any coaching/ training enquiries please contact Nathan Dux (0412 345351).

As you are aware, athletics is a largely volunteer-run sport, so if any of the coaches ask for any assistance, please help.

Bad weather: Please monitor the Croydon Little Athletics Facebook page for updates on any potential cancellations of training due to bad weather.

Next training events

Training Session (Wednesdays)
Training Session (Wednesday's)

Wednesday November 21st - 5:30pm - Wednesday November 21st - 6:30pm+17Wednesday November 28th - 5:30pm - Wednesday November 28th - 6:30pmWednesday December 5th - 5:30pm - Wednesday December 5th - 6:30pmWednesday December 12th - 5:30pm - Wednesday December 12th - 6:30pmWednesday December 19th - 5:30pm - Wednesday December 19th - 6:30pmWednesday January 2nd - 5:30pm - Wednesday January 2nd - 6:30pmWednesday January 9th - 5:30pm - Wednesday January 9th - 6:30pmWednesday January 16th - 5:30pm - Wednesday January 16th - 6:30pmWednesday January 23rd - 5:30pm - Wednesday January 23rd - 6:30pmWednesday January 30th - 5:30pm - Wednesday January 30th - 6:30pmWednesday February 6th - 5:30pm - Wednesday February 6th - 6:30pmWednesday February 13th - 5:30pm - Wednesday February 13th - 6:30pmWednesday February 20th - 5:30pm - Wednesday February 20th - 6:30pmWednesday February 27th - 5:30pm - Wednesday February 27th - 6:30pmWednesday March 6th - 5:30pm - Wednesday March 6th - 6:30pmWednesday March 13th - 5:30pm - Wednesday March 13th - 6:30pmWednesday March 20th - 5:30pm - Wednesday March 20th - 6:30pmWednesday March 27th - 5:30pm - Wednesday March 27th - 6:30pm

Town park, Croydon
Norton Street
Croydon, VIC  3136 Map

Open to all athletes to join in our weekly training sessions (Wednesdays 5.30pm-6.30pm and Sundays 10am-11am) run by our experienced Volunteer Coaches. Work towards your goals by improving your fitness & technique.
Come on down... the more the merrier 😁

Wednesdays 5.30-6.30pm Sprints/ Distance

Relay Training Sessions will be run at 9.30am Sunday mornings and will be only for u9-u16 age groups from October-December. Please view the Relay Training Event for more details.

For more training/ coaching information please contact Nathan Dux 0412 345 351.


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Relay Training (u9-u16)
Relay Training (u9-u16)

Sunday November 25th - 9:30am - Sunday November 25th - 10:30am+1Sunday December 2nd - 9:30am - Sunday December 2nd - 10:30am

Town park, Croydon
Norton Street
Croydon, VIC  3136 Map

For those athletes u9-u16 interested in Relays this season we are training every Sunday morning 9.30am-10.30am until the State Championships in December. These sessions are designed for relay changeover practice only and will not replace your General Training Sessions. The General Training sessions will still be running at 10am on a Sunday morning.
For those interested in Relays please contact Nathan Dux 0412 345 351.

Box Hill Invitational - Saturday October 28th
EMR Regional Relay Carnival - Saturday November 17th (Doncaster)
LAVic State Relay Championship - Saturday 15th December (Albert Park)


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