Results of Round 3 Cross Country Margaret Lewis Reserve

Hi CLAC families,

So in this week’s edition of cross country we ventured out to Marg Lewis reserve in Coldstream and yet again we had a great attendance. Luckily I have been told it was drizzly but only before and after all the events phew!!

Well anyway here is the results of this week and some more great performances by you all.

Anthony Tartaglia CROY 2.16
Mathew Tartaglia CROY 2.55
Sinead Willey CROY 3.01
Kobey Jones CROY 4.47
Eibhlin O’Connor CROY 5.00
Grace Dalgarno CROY 6.01
Madeline Dalgarno CROY 6.31
Tiarnach O’Connor CROY 6.15
Sarah Rollo CROY 6.32
Cam West CROY 6.53
Ciara Willey CROY 6.55
Amy Perkins CROY 6.55
Charli Power CROY 7.07
Ashleigh Rooke CROY 7.11
Belinda Perkins CROY 7.13
Meg McDowell CROY 7.17
Zoe Preer CROY 8.32
Isabella Sallee CROY 8.59
Seth Booth CROY 9.06
Stephanie Allan CROY 12.05
Sam Perkins CROY 9.02
Cianan O’Connor CROY 9.15
Sean Webber CROY 9.38
Ewan Webber CROY 12.31
Hayden Rooke CROY 14.30
Meg McDowell CROY 15.16
Charli Power CROY 15.20
Ashleigh Rooke CROY 15.21