EMR Cross Country Information

Hi CLAC families,

Here is the details regarding the championship day at Ruffey Park lake Doncaster on Sunday June 26th.

The first event will commence at 10am and then after that the starters will use their discretion as to when the next races will commence. Also age groups may be combined depending on the numbers entered.



1                      Girls Under 11                                    2000m

2                      Boys Under 11                                    2000m

3                      Girls Under 12                                    2000m

4                      Boys Under 12                                    2000m

5                      Girls Under 6  Fun Run Only             500m

6                      Boys Under 6  Fun Run Only             500m

7                      Girls Under 9                                       1500m

8                      Boys Under 9                                      1500m

9                      Girls Under 13,14,15,16                     3000m

10                    Boys Under 13,14,15,16                     3000m

11                    Girls Under 7  Fun Run Only             1000m

12                    Boys Under 7  Fun Run Only             1000m

13                    Girls Under 8  Fun Run Only             1000m

14                    Boys Under 8  Fun Run Only             1000m

15                    Girls Under 10                                     1500m

16                    Boys Under 10                                    1500m


For all competing athletes please be aware of uniform regulations. This entails wearing a Croydon running top with a Jetstar logo on it and either plain black leggings or plain black shorts.

Also for the day we have been assigned 2 duties as a centre for the day we have to do a) course marshall and b) time keeping.  I would be grateful if all our families can pitch in and we all take stints doing these duties. This will make it fairer and easier for us all, as we are all out there to watch our kids participate. Further information regarding this will follow.

Thank you to all who have registered I anticipate that all the kids will have fantastic day and lots of smiles will be had by all.

Any questions regarding anything please call/text mike on 0414870761.