State Cross Country Information

Hi CLAC families,

This week on Saturday 23rd will be state cross country at Cruden Farm in Langwarrin. For all the eligible athletes I would allow yourselves around 1 hour to get to the course. How to get there:  Entry to Cruden Farm will be opposite 10 Cranhaven Road, Langwarrin (Melways Ref: 103, G6). There is no venue entry fee and there is plenty of parking within the farm paddock.

We do not have any centre duties for the day. It is recommended that athletes arrive at the venue at least 1 hour before their race time.

EVENT                   CALL ROOM TIME            RACE START TIME            AGE       GENDER               DISTANCE

1                              11.10 am                              11.30 am                              U9          Boys                      1.5km

2                              11.25 am                              11.45 am                              U9          Girls                       1.5km

3                              11.40 am                              12.00 pm                              U10        Boys                     1.5km

4                              11.55 am                              12.15 pm                              U10        Girls                       1.5km

5                              12.10 am                              12.30 pm                              U11        Boys                      2km

6                              12.25 pm                              12.45 pm                              U11        Girls                       2km

7                              12.40 pm                              1.00 pm                                U12        Boys                      2km

8                              12.55 pm                              1.15 pm                                U12        Girls                       2km

9                              1.10 pm                                1.30 pm                                U13        Boys                      3km

10                           1.30 pm                                1.50 pm                               U13        Girls                       3km

11                           1.50 pm                                2.10 pm                                U14        Boys/Girls           3km

12                           2.10 pm                                2.30 pm                                U15        Boys/Girls          3km


All athletes, team managers and parents are permitted to walk the course any time before 11:10am.

Call Room:  Athletes must be in the Call Room no later than 20 minutes prior to the start time of their event. They are encouraged to keep their warm gear on, with their Centre uniform worn underneath.  Parents, friends or spectators will not be permitted to enter the Call Room.

Uniform:  All athletes competing must wear their approved Centre uniform which conforms to the standards as defined in the LAVic Centre Uniform Booklet.

Leggings or tights may be worn by themselves if they are plain black or the same colour as the centre uniform shorts. Logos larger than 3cm x 3cm including 2XU are unacceptable.

Leggings or tights may be worn underneath a second pair of shorts if they are plain (no logos) and are beige or the same colour as the centre uniform shorts.

An undergarment may be worn under the centre singlet if it is white or the same as the predominant colour of the centre singlet