Cross Country Round 6 results

Hi CLAC families,
Round 6 of the cross country season was at Marg Lewis reserve in Coldstream and we were treated to a splendid mornings weather.
Here are the results:
Sinead Willey Girls U6 1000m 5 min 31.80 sec
Jazlyn Carroll Croydon U6 500m 2 min 25.02 sec PB
Chloe Dux Girls U6 500m  3 min 08.68 sec
David Nackovski Boys U6 500m 2 min 21.92 sec PB
Tahlah Dux Girls 1000m  5 min 36.21 sec PB
Violeta Nackovski Girls 1000m  5 min 41.06 sec PB
Patrick McErlain Boys U7 1000m  6 min 40.20 sec
Blake Freer Boys U7 1000m 7 min 07.46 sec
Jude Bloom Boys U8 1000m  4 min 45.95 sec
Kristina Nackovski Girls U9 1500m  7 min 59.11 sec
Remy Bloom Boys U9 1500m  7 min 19.46 sec PB
Ciara Willey Girls U10 1500m  7 min 24.06 sec
Georgia Bell Girls U10 1500m  8 min 07.74 sec
Georgia Bell Girls U10 500m  2 min 34.08 sec
Cameron West Boys U10 1500m  6 min 22.60 sec
Zoe Freer Girls U11 2000m 10 min 22.10 sec PB
Ashleigh Rooke Girls U12 2000m 8 min 56.62 sec
Ellie Blake Girls U13 3000m 15 min 34.32 sec
Sarah Rollo Girls U14 2000m  8 min 41.83 sec
Hayden Rooke Boys U14 1500m  5 min 52.89 sec