Cross Country June 23rd

Hi CLAC families,
So round 9 of the season has been and gone, which was run at Marg Lewis Reserve at Coldstream. Again we were engulfed in fog in the early hours of morning but it was lifting as the races started and still everyone had huge smiles and good fun. Here are the results:
Sinead Willey Girls U6 XC1000m ML 5 min 45.58 sec
Jazlyn Carroll Girls U6 XC500m ML 2 min 30.75 sec
Madeline Dalgarno Girls U6 XC500m ML 3 min 16.37 sec
Charlotte McErlain Girls U6 XC500m ML 3 min 45.48 sec
David NackovskiBoys U6 XC500m ML 2 min 33.92 sec
Tru Spittle Boys U6 XC500m ML 2 min 49.14 sec
Bay Spittle Boys U6 XC500m ML 3 min 44.31 sec
Violeta NackovskiGirls U7 XC1000m ML 5 min 36.80 sec
Blake Freer Boys U7 XC1000m ML 6 min 17.48 sec
Kristina NackovskiGirls U9 XC1500m ML 8 min 26.24 sec
Grace Dalgarno Girls U9 XC1500m ML 8 min 39.62 sec
Georgia Bell Girls U10 XC1500m ML 9 min 02.84 sec
Ciara Willey Girls U10 XC2000m ML 9 min 18.42 sec
Cameron West Boys U10 XC1500m ML 6 min 42.45 sec
Zoe Freer Girls U11 XC2000m ML 10 min 27.48 sec
Ashleigh Rooke Girls U12 XC2000m ML 8 min 54.11 sec
Ellie Blake Girls U13 XC3000m ML 15 min 48.01 sec
Sarah Rollo Girls U14 XC2000m ML 8 min 42.57 sec
Hayden Rooke Boys U14 XC2000m ML 8 min 01.01 sec
Mike Willey Boys AV XC Open XC3000m 13 min 34.85 sec

This week there is no local cross country. This is due to EMR cross country being held. On Saturday the 1st of July we will be back and up at Marg Lewis Reserve again. This is because it is our annual handicap day and gives everyone a chance to win a gold, silver or bronze medal. This is a fantastic day so if you have run before you will be able to grab a time and have a enormous amount of fun competing for a medal.

Lastly I would just like to say good luck to all our Croydon athletes running at the regional cross country championships this weekend. Hope you all put in PB efforts and above all, have fun doing it!!