Handicap Day

Hi CLAC families,
Well what a morning we had for handicap day out at Marg Lewis reserve in Coldstream. The ground was a sheet a crispy crunchy white frost. In fact at 730am it was -1 so just a nice chilly morning and by the time the 500m runners went out it was a warm 4 degrees. As usual handicap day bring out the best in everyone with many PB’s being run and best of all despite the chilly conditions everyone was smiling and enjoying themselves. Excellent effort from all our athletes with many medals being won. Well done to all of you. Here is the results:
500m Sinead Willey Actual Time 2.40 (PB), David Nackovski Actual Time 2.26, Tru Spittle Actual Time 5.04, Bay Spittle Actual Time 5.06, Chloe Dux Actual Time 5.30
1000m Patrick McErlain Actual Time 5.51 (PB), Tahlah Dux Actual Time 5.44, Violeta Nackovski Actual Time 5.45, Blake Freer Actual Time 7.46
1500m Ciara Willey Actual Time 6.30 (PB), Kristina Nackovski Actual Time 7.46, Kai Freer Actual Time 7.27 (PB)
2000m Ashleigh Rooke Actual Time 8.27 (PB), Zoe Freer Actual Time 10.13 (PB)
3000m Mike Willey Actual Time 12.51 (PB), Sarah Rollo Actual Time 13.39 (PB), Jess Dux Actual Time 18.52, Charlotte Lord Actual Time 19.10

This week we will be at Lilydale Lake on Saturday the 8th July and as usual warms ups will start at 8.45am.