Cross Country Round 10

Hi CLAC Families,

This week was round 10 and was run at Lilydale lake. The weather was much better than the frosty mornings of past weeks. A fantastic week by you all 8 PB’s in total. Here is the results:
Sinead Willey Croydon Girls U6 XC1000m 5 min 12.02 sec PB
Jazlyn Carroll Croydon Girls U6 XC500m 2 min 17.30 sec PB
Chloe Dux Croydon Girls U6 XC500m 3 min 05.95 sec PB
Charlotte McErlain Girls U6 XC500m 4 min 30.28 sec
David Nackovski Boys U6 XC500m 2 min 17.70 sec PB
Tru Spittle Boys U6 XC500m 2 min 41.48 sec PB
Bay Spittle Boys U6 XC500m 3 min 18.26 sec PB
Tahlah Dux Girls U7 XC1000m 5 min 09.37 sec PB
Violeta Nackovski Girls U7 XC1000m 5 min 32.43 sec
Patrick McErlain Boys U7 XC1000m 5 min 12.22 sec PB
Blake Freer Boys U7 XC1000m 6 min 10.40 sec
Kai Freer Boys U9 XC1500m 6 min 39.53 sec
Ciara Willey Croydon Girls U10 XC2000m 8 min 57.75 sec
Zoe Freer Croydon Girls U11 XC2000m 9 min 55.80 sec
Sarah Rollo Girls U14 XC3000m 13 min 27.84 sec
Hayden Rooke Croydon Boys U14 XC3000m 12 min 15.67 sec
Jess Dux Croydon Girls AV XC Open XC3000m 15 min 34.33 sec

This Saturday the 15th of July we are at Morrison Reserve for the Club Cross Country Championships, warm ups start at 8.45 with the first event starting at 9.00am. Qualification criteria applies to claim the club championship but everyone is welcome to come along and run regardless. Medals will be awarded for the 1st, 2nd & 3rd placegetters.