Durham Road Results & Hills Challenge @ Cockatoo

Hi CLAC Families,
This week was a special round back at our old stompin ground of Durham Road. The weather was remarkably windy and well done to all of you for braving the testing conditions. Everyone still enjoyed the run though and for many of the competiotors it was theire first run there and all remarked how pleasant they found it.
Here is the results:
Jazlyn Carroll Girls U6 XC500m Cr 2 min 25.69 sec
David Nackovski Boys U6 XC500m Cr 2 min 32.67 sec
Tru Spittle Boys U6 XC500m Cr 2 min 46.63 sec
Violeta Nackovski Girls U7 XC1000m Cr 6 min 07.83 Patrick McErlain Boys U7 XC1000m Cr 5 min 39.48 sec
Kristina Nackovski Girls U9 XC1500m Cr 8 min 37.87 Ciara Willey Girls U10 XC1500m Cr 7 min 08.96 sec
Ashleigh Rooke Girls U12 XC2000m Cr 9 min 12.19 Sarah Rollo Girls U14 XC3000m Cr 13 min 37.65 sec
Hayden Rooke Boys U14 XC3000m Cr 12 min 28.02 sec
Tania Neale Girls XC Open XC3000m Cr 17 min 48.83 sec
Mike Willey Boys XC Open XC3000m Cr 13 min 39.19 sec

This Week is the…..

Cost: $5 per athlete – run as many events as you like.

EVENT 1. UNDER 6 Boys & Girls 500 m
EVENT 2. UNDER 7 & 8 Boys & Girls 1000m
EVENT 3. UNDER 9 & 10 Boys & Girls 1500m
EVENT 4. UNDER 11 & 12 Boys & Girls 2000m
EVENT 5. UNDER 13 to 15 Boys & Girls 3000m AND OPEN

All runners results go towards the team score. WARNING: this is a rough and tough cross country course, with steep hills, thick grass, mud and creek crossings – all good cross country fun. Regarded as one of the more diverse and fun courses. Come along as every year this run is one of the best. Canteen, BBQ and Hot drinks available on the day.