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Cross Country Starts This Saturday April 7th!

Cross Country season events are held each Saturday mornings in April through August. Several venues are used offering a range of running conditions. It’s an 8.45am warm up and races commence at 9.00am sharp and generally are all complete by 11.00am. In addition to the regular Cross Country runs you might like to consider participating in one or more of the many Open Day’s offered by various Little Athletic Centre’s. Each season we attend Knox Open Day and the Hills challenge at Cockatoo.
In the event of wet or inclement weather if a Program is cancelled it will be run the following week (sequence is always Program 1, 2, 3)
1) Morrison reserve – Mt Evelyn (Yarra Ranges athletics track)
2) Lilydale lake – Lilydale
3) Margaret Lewis Reserve – Coldstream
Sometimes if it is not possible to run the scheduled Program we may elect to run certain events.
Also for this season there will be a 1 off run at Durham Road in Croydon.
For this season it will be a minimal cost of $1 per race for the kids to compete and if adults want to run with the kids it is $2 per race for them.
The age group categories are as follows:
U6 500m
U7/U8 1000m
U9/U10 1500m
U11/U12 2000M
U13/U14/U15 OPEN 3000m
You can choose to run in just 1 race or even all of the events. You do not just have to run in your age bracket. PB’s are recorded at each venue and rewarded with lollies/chocolate.
First Round of the season is on April 7th at Morrison Reserve. Hope to see you all out there!!
For the full seasons calendar look in the Calendar link on this webpage.

New members of all ages and abilities will always be welcomed at the club. Please go to or on our Facebook page for more information, results and training times.


Hi CLAC families,

This Saturday the 19th of August is our final winter day. It is our presentation and break up day and here are the details.
Good evening all just some more info for Saturdays Presentation day @ Hedgend Maze which is located at 163 Albert Rd Healesville. Start time is 10.00am we will try to hold our usual team fun run first but if the weather is no good or the grass area too wet we may have to forget it, a BBQ lunch is supplied by the club, Cost is $15 a family but this is for your immediate family we ask any Grandparents or other relatives to pay $5 each to cover entrance costs. Payment will be as you enter to one of our club committee on the door. Saturdays weather looks a little cold so bring some warm clothes. The really good news is there is now a large marquee that fits 200 people so all good but the only thing Hedgend asks is if we could take off our shoes to save the carpet from being muddied. Please don’t forget to bring some chairs, cheers and look forward to seeing you all .

Durham Road Results & Hills Challenge @ Cockatoo

Hi CLAC Families,
This week was a special round back at our old stompin ground of Durham Road. The weather was remarkably windy and well done to all of you for braving the testing conditions. Everyone still enjoyed the run though and for many of the competiotors it was theire first run there and all remarked how pleasant they found it.
Here is the results:
Jazlyn Carroll Girls U6 XC500m Cr 2 min 25.69 sec
David Nackovski Boys U6 XC500m Cr 2 min 32.67 sec
Tru Spittle Boys U6 XC500m Cr 2 min 46.63 sec
Violeta Nackovski Girls U7 XC1000m Cr 6 min 07.83 Patrick McErlain Boys U7 XC1000m Cr 5 min 39.48 sec
Kristina Nackovski Girls U9 XC1500m Cr 8 min 37.87 Ciara Willey Girls U10 XC1500m Cr 7 min 08.96 sec
Ashleigh Rooke Girls U12 XC2000m Cr 9 min 12.19 Sarah Rollo Girls U14 XC3000m Cr 13 min 37.65 sec
Hayden Rooke Boys U14 XC3000m Cr 12 min 28.02 sec
Tania Neale Girls XC Open XC3000m Cr 17 min 48.83 sec
Mike Willey Boys XC Open XC3000m Cr 13 min 39.19 sec

This Week is the…..

Cost: $5 per athlete – run as many events as you like.

EVENT 1. UNDER 6 Boys & Girls 500 m
EVENT 2. UNDER 7 & 8 Boys & Girls 1000m
EVENT 3. UNDER 9 & 10 Boys & Girls 1500m
EVENT 4. UNDER 11 & 12 Boys & Girls 2000m
EVENT 5. UNDER 13 to 15 Boys & Girls 3000m AND OPEN

All runners results go towards the team score. WARNING: this is a rough and tough cross country course, with steep hills, thick grass, mud and creek crossings – all good cross country fun. Regarded as one of the more diverse and fun courses. Come along as every year this run is one of the best. Canteen, BBQ and Hot drinks available on the day.

State Cross Country Results

Hi CLAC families,
The State Cross Championships were held at the beautiful but testing Cruden Farm in Langwarrin on Saturday. The weather was quite windy and cold but at least the rain held off. I would like to thank everybody who made the journey out there to encourage our athletes along. It was a fantastic effort by all our athletes, all finishing inside the top 20 and they showed the true CLAC spirit, smiling and giving 100%. Congratulations to all of you for your outstanding accomplishments.

The results are:
GIRLS U10 1500M 12th Ciara Willey 6:15.12
GIRLS U12 2000M 11th Charli Power 8:18.24
GIRLS U12 2000M 18th Ashleigh Rooke 8:39.36
GIRLS U13 3000M 12th Jemima Wilson 12:31.78
BOYS U14 3000M 15th Hayden Rooke 12.01.18
GIRLS U14 3000M 17th Sarah Rollo 13.41.97
GIRLS 15 300OM 12th Charlotte Lord 14.37.77
GIRLS 15 300OM 19th Charlotte Twentyman 15.28.65


This Saturday July 29th for a special run we are out at Elizabeth Bridge Reserve which is located on Durham Road in Kilsyth. Warm ups will start at 8.45am. This week though is a special breakfast for the XC people. We are putting on a BBQ with sausages for $1 and bacon and egg rolls for $2.50. So come along enjoy your run and grab some tucker afterwards. Hope to as usual see all your smiling faces out there.

State Cross Country

Hi CLAC families,
This Weekend is the pinnacle for our winter season. It is the State Cross County Championships and they are being held out at Cruden Farm in Langwarrin this Saturday 22nd July. For all the eligible athletes I would allow yourselves around 1 hour to get to the course. How to get there:  Entry to Cruden Farm will be opposite 10 Cranhaven Road, Langwarrin (Melways Ref: 103, G6). There is no venue entry fee and there is plenty of parking within the farm paddock.We do not have any centre duties for the day. It is recommended that athletes arrive at the venue at least 1 hour before their race time.
Our Athletes have worked very hard all season and after their fantastic efforts at regionals I wish them all the best in representing our club and I know that they will do extremely well.

XC Championship Day

Hi CLAC Families,
Well Championship day has come and gone again for another year with the weather being sunny but no real warmth coming from it. It was an excellent days running by our athletes up at Morrisons Reserve. Many medals were awarded and everyone gave their best smiles on the podium. Thank you to all of you.
Here is the results:
Jazlyn CarrollGirls U6XC500m 2 min 49.99 sec PB
Sinead Willey Girls U6 XC500m 3 min 01.29 sec
Chloe Dux Girls U6 XC500m 3 min 38.98 sec
David Nackovski Boys U6 XC500m 2 min 45.22
Tahlah Dux Girls U7 XC1000m 5 min 40.96 sec PB
Violeta Nackovski Girls U7 XC1000m 6 min 15.38
Patrick McErlain Boys U7 XC1000m 6 min 02.83 sec PB
Blake Freer Boys U7 XC1000m 7 min 23.25 sec
Kristina Nackovski Girls U9 XC1500m 9 min 09.13 sec
Kai Freer Boys U9 XC1500m 7 min 55.61 sec
Ciara Willey Girls U10 XC1500m 7 min 21.99 sec
Zoe Freer Girls U11 XC2000m 10 min 16.63 sec
Ashleigh Rooke Girls U12 XC2000m 9 min 16.39 sec
Hayden Rooke Boys U14 XC3000m 12 min 50.52 sec
Charlotte Lord Girls U15 XC3000m 15 min 13.95 sec
Jess Dux Girls AVXC Open XC3000m 15 min 57.80 sec PB
Mike Willey Boys AV XC Open XC3000m 13 min 57.54 sec

Cross Country Round 10

Hi CLAC Families,

This week was round 10 and was run at Lilydale lake. The weather was much better than the frosty mornings of past weeks. A fantastic week by you all 8 PB’s in total. Here is the results:
Sinead Willey Croydon Girls U6 XC1000m 5 min 12.02 sec PB
Jazlyn Carroll Croydon Girls U6 XC500m 2 min 17.30 sec PB
Chloe Dux Croydon Girls U6 XC500m 3 min 05.95 sec PB
Charlotte McErlain Girls U6 XC500m 4 min 30.28 sec
David Nackovski Boys U6 XC500m 2 min 17.70 sec PB
Tru Spittle Boys U6 XC500m 2 min 41.48 sec PB
Bay Spittle Boys U6 XC500m 3 min 18.26 sec PB
Tahlah Dux Girls U7 XC1000m 5 min 09.37 sec PB
Violeta Nackovski Girls U7 XC1000m 5 min 32.43 sec
Patrick McErlain Boys U7 XC1000m 5 min 12.22 sec PB
Blake Freer Boys U7 XC1000m 6 min 10.40 sec
Kai Freer Boys U9 XC1500m 6 min 39.53 sec
Ciara Willey Croydon Girls U10 XC2000m 8 min 57.75 sec
Zoe Freer Croydon Girls U11 XC2000m 9 min 55.80 sec
Sarah Rollo Girls U14 XC3000m 13 min 27.84 sec
Hayden Rooke Croydon Boys U14 XC3000m 12 min 15.67 sec
Jess Dux Croydon Girls AV XC Open XC3000m 15 min 34.33 sec

This Saturday the 15th of July we are at Morrison Reserve for the Club Cross Country Championships, warm ups start at 8.45 with the first event starting at 9.00am. Qualification criteria applies to claim the club championship but everyone is welcome to come along and run regardless. Medals will be awarded for the 1st, 2nd & 3rd placegetters.

Handicap Day

Hi CLAC families,
Well what a morning we had for handicap day out at Marg Lewis reserve in Coldstream. The ground was a sheet a crispy crunchy white frost. In fact at 730am it was -1 so just a nice chilly morning and by the time the 500m runners went out it was a warm 4 degrees. As usual handicap day bring out the best in everyone with many PB’s being run and best of all despite the chilly conditions everyone was smiling and enjoying themselves. Excellent effort from all our athletes with many medals being won. Well done to all of you. Here is the results:
500m Sinead Willey Actual Time 2.40 (PB), David Nackovski Actual Time 2.26, Tru Spittle Actual Time 5.04, Bay Spittle Actual Time 5.06, Chloe Dux Actual Time 5.30
1000m Patrick McErlain Actual Time 5.51 (PB), Tahlah Dux Actual Time 5.44, Violeta Nackovski Actual Time 5.45, Blake Freer Actual Time 7.46
1500m Ciara Willey Actual Time 6.30 (PB), Kristina Nackovski Actual Time 7.46, Kai Freer Actual Time 7.27 (PB)
2000m Ashleigh Rooke Actual Time 8.27 (PB), Zoe Freer Actual Time 10.13 (PB)
3000m Mike Willey Actual Time 12.51 (PB), Sarah Rollo Actual Time 13.39 (PB), Jess Dux Actual Time 18.52, Charlotte Lord Actual Time 19.10

This week we will be at Lilydale Lake on Saturday the 8th July and as usual warms ups will start at 8.45am.

EMR results & Handicap day

Hi CLAC families,
Well the weekend has come and gone and it was lovely weather that greeted our athletes competing in regionals at Ruffey Lake park in Doncaster. Every athlete gave their best for Croydon and did themselves proud. The results are as follows:
Sinead Willey U6 Girls 5th
Jude Bloom U8 Boys
Remy Bloom U9 Boys 13th
Ciara Willey U10 Girls 2nd
Charli Power U12 Girls 5th
Ashleigh Rooke U12 Girls 10th
Jemima Wilson U13 Girls 5th
Hayden Rooke U14 Boys 4th
Sarah Rollo U14 Girls 8th
Charlotte Lord U15 Girls 7th
Charlotte Twentyman U15 Girls 13th

Well Done to all of you, you should be very satisfied with what you achieved. Was great to see your efforts and I look forward to seeing it again at state championships.

HANDICAP DAY @ Margaret Lewis Reserve.
Saturday 1st July.
The Handicappers have been very busy and the times are done and ready for you to write your special time on your hand, remember you need to run 5 times on sat mornings with Knox open day and Region counted as runs to qualify. Remember the first three Males and Females in each race distance will be on the dias, the Open race will have Junior Open and Senior Open winners. Also even if you dont qualify you are more than welcome to still run and join in the fun day.
Look forward to seeing you at Marg Lewis reserve in coldstream for 8.45 warm ups.

Cross Country June 23rd

Hi CLAC families,
So round 9 of the season has been and gone, which was run at Marg Lewis Reserve at Coldstream. Again we were engulfed in fog in the early hours of morning but it was lifting as the races started and still everyone had huge smiles and good fun. Here are the results:
Sinead Willey Girls U6 XC1000m ML 5 min 45.58 sec
Jazlyn Carroll Girls U6 XC500m ML 2 min 30.75 sec
Madeline Dalgarno Girls U6 XC500m ML 3 min 16.37 sec
Charlotte McErlain Girls U6 XC500m ML 3 min 45.48 sec
David NackovskiBoys U6 XC500m ML 2 min 33.92 sec
Tru Spittle Boys U6 XC500m ML 2 min 49.14 sec
Bay Spittle Boys U6 XC500m ML 3 min 44.31 sec
Violeta NackovskiGirls U7 XC1000m ML 5 min 36.80 sec
Blake Freer Boys U7 XC1000m ML 6 min 17.48 sec
Kristina NackovskiGirls U9 XC1500m ML 8 min 26.24 sec
Grace Dalgarno Girls U9 XC1500m ML 8 min 39.62 sec
Georgia Bell Girls U10 XC1500m ML 9 min 02.84 sec
Ciara Willey Girls U10 XC2000m ML 9 min 18.42 sec
Cameron West Boys U10 XC1500m ML 6 min 42.45 sec
Zoe Freer Girls U11 XC2000m ML 10 min 27.48 sec
Ashleigh Rooke Girls U12 XC2000m ML 8 min 54.11 sec
Ellie Blake Girls U13 XC3000m ML 15 min 48.01 sec
Sarah Rollo Girls U14 XC2000m ML 8 min 42.57 sec
Hayden Rooke Boys U14 XC2000m ML 8 min 01.01 sec
Mike Willey Boys AV XC Open XC3000m 13 min 34.85 sec

This week there is no local cross country. This is due to EMR cross country being held. On Saturday the 1st of July we will be back and up at Marg Lewis Reserve again. This is because it is our annual handicap day and gives everyone a chance to win a gold, silver or bronze medal. This is a fantastic day so if you have run before you will be able to grab a time and have a enormous amount of fun competing for a medal.

Lastly I would just like to say good luck to all our Croydon athletes running at the regional cross country championships this weekend. Hope you all put in PB efforts and above all, have fun doing it!!