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Results of Round 3 Cross Country Margaret Lewis Reserve

Hi CLAC families,

So in this week’s edition of cross country we ventured out to Marg Lewis reserve in Coldstream and yet again we had a great attendance. Luckily I have been told it was drizzly but only before and after all the events phew!!

Well anyway here is the results of this week and some more great performances by you all.

Anthony Tartaglia CROY 2.16
Mathew Tartaglia CROY 2.55
Sinead Willey CROY 3.01
Kobey Jones CROY 4.47
Eibhlin O’Connor CROY 5.00
Grace Dalgarno CROY 6.01
Madeline Dalgarno CROY 6.31
Tiarnach O’Connor CROY 6.15
Sarah Rollo CROY 6.32
Cam West CROY 6.53
Ciara Willey CROY 6.55
Amy Perkins CROY 6.55
Charli Power CROY 7.07
Ashleigh Rooke CROY 7.11
Belinda Perkins CROY 7.13
Meg McDowell CROY 7.17
Zoe Preer CROY 8.32
Isabella Sallee CROY 8.59
Seth Booth CROY 9.06
Stephanie Allan CROY 12.05
Sam Perkins CROY 9.02
Cianan O’Connor CROY 9.15
Sean Webber CROY 9.38
Ewan Webber CROY 12.31
Hayden Rooke CROY 14.30
Meg McDowell CROY 15.16
Charli Power CROY 15.20
Ashleigh Rooke CROY 15.21

Change of calendar for Cross Country

Hi CLAC families,

Just an update for you regarding the cross country season. There has been in late change to the program and in doing so round 10 and regional has been swapped around. Here is the amended program and dates for you all. Thanks again for your understanding.

Cross Country Calendar for LAV 2016

9th April   Rd 1   Morrison Reserve Mt Evelyn

16th April Rd 2 Lilydale lake      Lilydale

23rd April Rd 3 Marg Lewis Reserve   Coldstream

30th April Rd 4 Morrison Reserve

7th May     Rd 5   Lilydale Lake

14th May   Rd 6   Marg Lewis Reserve

15th May    Lilydale Lake Fun Run

21st May    Rd 7   Morrison Reserve

28th May    Possible run at Cockatoo     TBC

4th June      Rd8    Lilydale lake

11th June    Rd 9    Marg Lewis Reserve

18th June    Rd 10 Morrison Reserve

26th June      REGION CROSS COUNTRY @Doncaster   School holidays start

2nd July         Rd 11   Lilydale Lake

9th July         Rd 12     Marg Lewis Reserve                School Holidays Finish




6th August     HILLS CHALLENGE

13th August   Nothing due to Anglesea

20th August   Conner and James Fun Run

27th August    Presentation day    Venue TBC

Results for Cross Country Round 2 at Lilydale Lake

Hi CLAC families,

Well round 2 of the cross country season is now done and it was a beautiful day down by Lilydale Lake. The event was again well attended and much smiles were worn by all.

Here is the weekend’s results:

500m 1000m 1500m
Heidi Portlock 2.41 Sarah Rollo 5.16 Amy Perkins 7.56
Sinead Willey 2.52 Ashleigh Rooke 5.25 Ciara Willey 7.56
Ciara Willey 3.01 Meg McDowell 5.29 Cam West 7.59
Medaline Dalgaro 3.32 Charli Power 5.32 Belinda Perkins 8.01
  Thomas Portlock 5.47 Zoe Freer 8.42
  Grace Dalgano 6.36 Jayden Menzies 9.25
  Inari Webber 6.52 Seth Booth 10.03
    Penelope Portlock 11.15
2000m 3000m  
Ashleigh Rooke 8.52 Ewen Weber 14.40  
Charli Power 9.45 Hayden Rooke 14.41  
Steph Allan 11.42


Mike Willey 14.58  
  Sarah Rollo 15.27  
  Ashleigh Rooke 16.34  
  Meg McDowell 16.44