What does the little Athletics Year comprise of?

The Little Athletics year is made up of two seasons – the summer season and the winter season.

The summer season runs from October through until March, with a break over the Christmas holidays. A weekly track and field competition is held through the summer season at the athletics track at Croydon Town Park, Nortons Rd, Croydon. Competitions run on either a Saturday morning from 9am-12.00pm with warm ups beginning at 8.45am or on Friday evenings from 6pm-7.30pm with warm ups beginning at 5.45pm. Times may vary due to the events that are programmed for that week.

The winter season runs from April through until August and has a weekly cross country competition held at a number of locations including Croydon, Kilsyth and Lilydale.

How do I register and what fees are there?

All registrations must be complete online. You register via the link on our website or at www.lavic.com.au Returning members will need their usernames and passwords when they register. New athletes register via the ‘Join Now’ icon on the website.

Fees for the season are yet to be defined for the 2020/21 season.

What age group will my child be for Season 2020/21?

Your child’s age group is their age as at 31st December the year the season starts.  For example:

  • a child that is eight years of age on 31st December is Under 9
  • a child that is eight years of age on 1st January  is Under 8 because they were seven when the season started.

My child is interested in starting Little Aths, are they able to have a go before signing up?

Of course, we encourage new athletes to trial Little Athletics to see if they enjoy it. All new athletes are invited to participate in a 2 week trial. You child will receive a trial number which they will use for the 2 weeks so their results from completed events can be registered on our online system. The Centre will then allocate your child to a club and they can then complete the program over the 2 weeks with the other athletes in their age group. You will need to register for a trial via the Register Here link on our website. Once you decide to sign up, then you can go back onto the tab and complete full registration including payment.

The season has already started. Can my child still join?

Absolutely! Of course, your child will have missed part of the season, but it is never too late.

What makes up the Summer Track and Field Season?

  • Weekly competitions, mostly held on a Saturday morning, although occasionally ‘twilight’ events are held on Friday nights. Events held at Normal Competitions are traditional Track and Field events e.g. Shot Put, Long Jump, Triple, Jump, High Jump, Discus, Javelin, Walks, 50m, 70m, 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m, 60m & 80m Hurdles, 100m & 300m Hurdles. Different ages compete in different events.
  • Centre Track and Field Championships.
  • Weekly Training sessions.
  • Region and State Track and Field Championships.
  • Region and State Relay Championships.

What makes up the Winter Season?

  • Weekly cross country races.
  • Region and State Cross Country Championships.
  • Various open days.

When is competition held?

At the moment Croydon Little Athletics is waiting on further directives from Little Athletics Victoria on the return to competitions, and has not established calendar for the 2020-21 season.

For the proposed Little Athletic Victoria draft calendar for Region & State Level events this coming season please click the below link. These competitions are separate to the weekly competitions run by Croydon Little Athletics Centre, these competitions may also incur additional costs to your registration fees.


CLAC holds ‘trial days’ for the first two weeks of competition, allowing new athletes to come and learn what little athletics at Croydon is all about.

Who will my child compete against?

Children are graded according to age. For track events, where possible the children are also graded so they have an equal chance of success, by competing in track events against children of similar ability.

The emphasis is on achieving personal success, by the achievement of a PB (Personal Best) performance. The aim throughout the season is to beat their own individual PB.

Can I drop off my child?

No, you can’t drop off your child.

A parent or guardian must be in attendance at the Centre during all events. Any child without supervision may be withdrawn from competition until the adult returns.

Is training provided?

Coaching will be available throughout the season. We are currently finalising our coaching program. More information will be provided on this website and our Facebook page.

What is a PB?

A PB is a personal best performance. Athlete’s results for each event are recorded in the Little Athletics Results system. When an athlete runs faster, jumps further or throws further, then they have done a personal best (PB) performance.

Is First Aid Available?

First Aid is of paramount importance at all Little Athletic Events. Qualified First Aiders will be in attendance at all weekly competitions.

Is there food available?

CLAC runs a canteen which sells some snacks, refreshments and sweets. It is also available a sausage sizzle. All proceeds are directed to the centre for investment in equipment and running expenses.

What happens if there is extreme weather?

The Centre Committee reserves the right to modify or cancel a program to suit the weather of the day.

If a program is cancelled due to rain, extreme heat or any other extreme weather condition, a message will be posted on the CLAC  Facebook page.

What are Centre Championships?

Centre Championships are held on the last day of the season.

Athletes from Under 6 to Under 16 who have met eligibility criteria (parents have performed a minimum number of duties and athletes have attended a minimum number of meets) can compete in Centre Championships. Medals are awarded to the first three place getters for each event. Details of the Championship Day will be published on the CLAC Facebook page.

Do I have to help?

CLAC is fully run by volunteers.  To conduct the weekly program, parent help is vital. And parent’s duties participation is an eligibility criteria for the athletes participation on Centre Championships, so in summary – yes, you have to help!

Are kids starting with a gun shot on their races?

Yes! And they follow the same procedures used by Olympic names such as Usain Bolt or Sally Pearson… “On your marks… Set… Bang!”

Are there elite athletes visiting the centre?

We can’t promise as elite athletes agendas are usually very full, but last year we did have a visit and a whole meet with Brooke Stratton helping the kids and working with them.