New Members



So, you’re looking to get involved with Croydon Little Athletics Centre for the first time – that’s great!

Croydon Little Athletics Centre welcomes everyone from five through to fifteen years of age. Regardless of abilities and experiences all our athletes are given equal opportunity to participate in all events and to improve and beat their Personal Best (PB).  We truly live by and value our moto of Fun, Family & Fitness.

Come and Try Little Athletics

Before registering we encourage your child to come and try Little Athletics before committing for the season.  Check our Season Calendar for session times. This allows athletes to experience Little Athletics to ensure that they enjoy it before registering.

Prospective athletes are welcome to attend a maximum of two sessions as aCome and Tryathlete, provided they have not already attended or previously registered with Little Aths. The two sessions do not need to be consecutive weeks.

You can register at any time during the athletic year, provided your child is 5 years of age or older.

​If your child would like to come and try, please click on the register for a trial button below.  We look forward to meeting you at the Croydon Athletics Track!