Registration of Athletes

  1. The Croydon Little Athletics Centre accepts registrations from boys and girls in the age groups Under 6 to Under 16 as per their age at midnight 31st December each year. Children attaining the age of 5 during the season may register after their fifth LAVic rules prohibit children competing before their 5th birthday and require proof of age in the form of birth certificate or passport unless they are born in the October to the December of a given year and therefore can compete as a four-year-old in the Under 6 category.
  2. All athletes must be registered with the Centre and shall compete only in their registered age group. It is the responsibility of the Centre Registrar to request proof of age before registration is processed.

Supervision of Athletes

  1. All children must be under the supervision of a parent/guardian or other responsible adult nominated by the parent/guardian. It is unacceptable for children to be ‘dropped off’ at the track without supervision. If children are left without supervision, they are liable to be withdrawn by a member of the Executive Committee from competition on that day.

Uniform & Footwear

  1. Children should wear the approved uniform consisting of plain black shorts and Club tops or 50th Anniversary Tops, and must wear the current LAVic age group patch attached to the front of the Club top. Athletes may wear leggings under black shorts EXCEPT when Race Walking. An athlete wearing incorrect uniform will not be allowed to compete and points will not be allocated to their efforts. Uniform requirements may be enforced after the fourth week of competition.
  2. Suitable footwear must be worn for all events. (Waffle shoes are acceptable for all events).
  3. Under 11 and 12 athletes may wear spikes when competing in lane issued track events, jump events and javelin. Under 13 to 16 athletes may wear spikes in all track events (except race walks), jump events and javelin. The length of the spike shall not exceed 7mm. Only designs known as conical or pyramid (“Christmas Tree”) can be used. Spikes are not to be worn when going to and from events, they must be carried. Starting blocks must be used by spike wearers in lane issued track events.

Starting time / Placement of athletes and officials

  1. All Athletes and Officials must report by 8.45am for Warm ups (5.45pm for Twilight). First events will begin at 9:00am or (6.00pm). If officials are not ready to start at this time, events may be cancelled until officials are ready.
  2. Where there are INSUFFICIENT OFFICIALS to start an event, the event may be cancelled for the day.
  3. Athletes must report for events only when called over the public address system and must leave the arena as soon as the event is finished. Athletes are to remain in their Club area when not competing in an event.
  4. Track events will always take precedence over field events. Athletes arriving late for track events will NOT be able to compete in a later heat unless the respective Track Marshall on the front/back straight or circular has been notified.
  5. Only officials and competitors are permitted within the arena. Athletes must not cut through the centre of the track unless going to a specific event that is conducted on the infield. The track must only be crossed at the designated areas which are the start of the 200m and the end of the 100m. This is vital to ensure safety.
  6. Parents/Guardians are not entitled to enter the arena to watch their child unless officiating at an event. The Chief of Officials reserves the right to enforce this regulation, including prohibiting further participation by the athlete in the event.

Protests and Coaching

  1. No protest will be accepted. Consideration will always be given to issues raised through the Club Team Manager or an Executive Member of the Committee.
  2. Athletes are permitted to receive advice or assistance within the competition area during an event as long as it does not interfere with the conduct of the event and is done from behind the fence. This will be closely monitored and any breach in unacceptable behaviour, as deemed by the immediate Event Marshal/or Chief of Officials, may see the athlete prevented from participating further.

Program Issues

  1. In the event that the daily program needs to be changed for some reason such as inclement weather, lack of officials and/or insufficient light, then all efforts will be made to ensure that events are evenly distributed in the following programs.


Little Athletics is a volunteer run program and cannot function properly unless every parent is actively involved in the competition.

For each event, a nominated number of Officials are required to assist in recording times/distances and ensuring the event is run in an orderly manner. Each Club is responsible for looking after certain events and Team Mangers will outline the duties families will be required to complete throughout the season. It is important to make sure you carry out your required duty or you may cause an event to be cancelled or put undue pressure on other parents in your Club.

If parents do not carry out their required duties throughout the season their child/children may not be able to compete in the end of season Centre Championships.

On the following pages is a list of instructions for all officials. Please refer to this list before you carry out a duty in that given field. We will try to ensure that all parents are adequately trained in their given events.


As Little Athletics is run over the summer period there are times of extreme heat and also times of storms and wet weather. Due to inclement weather, competition will sometimes be cancelled (e.g. in the event of lightning, heavy rain before competition starts or extreme heat). If there are only light showers before competition it is likely that Little Athletics will still be on.

Please check the Facebook page or website for cancellations to competition.


All athletes MUST wear their Club Uniforms at all times during competition. The uniform consists of:

  • Club shirt (which can be purchased from your Club) displaying your LAVic Registration bib at all times.
  • Shorts shall not be longer than 100mm above the knee measured whilst an athlete is kneeling. Such shorts may be called “Boxer, Sports Briefs or Bike Shorts. Only small logos are permitted on shorts (e.g. size of 50 cent piece).
  • Skins and ankle length leggings are acceptable to run in throughout the season but they must not contain logos.

All athletes competing in Open Days, Region and State events must wear the approved Croydon Centre shirt. These shirts can be purchased at our Uniform shop, and can be worn with any plain black running shorts or bike shorts.  LAVic shorts may be worn in place of plain black shorts.


  1. If you have any complaints about the conduct or an incident at a particular event, please inform your Club President who will take it up immediately with the Centre President and/or DOC. On no occasion are Event Officials to be directly approached by parents. The relevant Executive Member will assess if the matter cannot be fully dealt with immediately and you will be requested to put the complaint in writing so that it can be so dealt with at a more appropriate time.
  2. The longer you leave your complaint, the harder it will be for the Executive to Please do not criticise the officials in a public forum (see ‘Parents’ Code of Behaviour’). Let’s not forget that all Officials are giving their time and effort for your child’s involvement.
  3. Complaints about the general running of the Centre should be made in writing, addressed to the Centre Secretary.
  4. When considering whether a complaint is justified, please remember we are all volunteers who should all have as our number one priority the enjoyment of all children at the Centre.


Croydon Little Athletics Centre is aware that children are especially susceptible to the sun’s rays and that skin cancer can be prevented. The following strategies have been adopted:

  1. Wherever possible competition and training shall be scheduled outside the hours of 11:00am and 3:00pm (daylight saving time)
  2. The Centre will maximise the use of natural shade provided by trees and buildings.
  3. Individuals will be encouraged to bring their own shade structures to Centre and Region activities.
  4. Where possible, portable shade will be provided at all field event venues and track marshalling areas.
  5. Officials shall promote the wearing of sun protective clothing: shirts with long sleeves and a collar, wide brimmed or legionnaire hats and sunglasses.
  6. Athletes will be advised to take drink bottles and sunscreen to events. Hats and sunglasses may be worn during competition.
  7. SPF 30+ or higher sunscreen will be made available at your Club.
  8. Event programs, newsletter and public announcements will be used to maintain awareness of and promote sun protection.
  9. Centre officials and coaches will act as sun protection role models.


Croydon Little Athletics Centre is aware that smoking endangers health and believes that all Little Athletics venues and functions should be smoke free. The following strategies have been adopted:

All areas within the Centre boundaries/precinct are Smoke Free, including the clubrooms, canteen, changing room, toilet blocks, spectator areas, and competing areas

  1. Cigarettes shall not be sold at any venue used by the Centre.
  2. Executive members and officials shall not smoke in view of the public when representing the Centre.
  3. All Centre meetings will be smoke free.
  4. The Athletics track is smoke free. Smokers are advised to go out of the track facility and be mindful of those around them.
  5. All visitors are requested and encouraged to observe this policy.


Croydon Little Athletics Centre is aware that healthy eating is a vital part of good health. We recognise that lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, stroke, certain cancers, non-insulin dependent diabetes and obesity are all associated with the food we eat. We acknowledge that healthy eating can have an impact on the lives of our members, and that the provision of healthy foods will contribute to better health for all.

The following strategies have been adopted to ensure that healthy food choices are available at all Centre activities;

  1. The Centre canteen will provide healthy food choices.
  2. The enjoyment of healthy eating and the role of food in relation to health will be promoted in Centre publications.
  3. Healthy food choices will be priced competitively.
  4. The variety of confectionery, potato chips, soft drinks and ice creams will be limited.
  5. This healthy food choice policy will be reviewed annually to ensure that it remains relevant to the needs of the Centre.


Croydon Little Athletics Centre is aware that alcohol, when misused, can cause harm to the drinker and others. A responsible drinking policy has been adopted to reduce risks and avoid problems.

The following strategies have been adopted:

  1. There will be no sale or consumption of alcohol during the conduct of any Little Athletics competition.
  2. Where alcohol is consumed at a Centre/Region function the following measures will be taken:
  3. Alcohol will not be served to minors.
  4. Alcohol will not be served to any patron who is intoxicated.
  5. Low alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks will be available and promoted.
  6. Water will be available at no cost.
  7. Healthy food options will be available when alcohol is served.
  8. Members who have been drinking are encouraged to use safe transport options.
  9. There will be no alcohol advertising at any venue used by the Centre.
  10. The Centre will not accept any alcohol related sponsorship or use alcohol as a prize for fundraising activities.
  11. The Centre will comply with Liquor Licensing Victoria regulations.