Cross Country Round 8

Hi CLAC families,
This week’s results are from Lilydale Lake and the weather was definitely chiller than in the past few outings. The lake was all but fogged over earlier in the morning, but it was fantastic to see so many of you out there and enjoying yourselves.
Sinead Willey Girls U6 1000m 5 min 20.48 sec
Jazlyn Carroll Girls U6 500m 2 min 27.35 sec PB
Chloe Dux Girls U6 500m 3 min 10.03 sec
David Nackovski Boys U6 500m 2 min 22.16 sec PB
Violeta Nackovski Girls U7 1000m 5 min 18.12 sec PB
Tahlah Dux Girls U7 1000m 5 min 20.97 sec PB
Blake Freer Boys U7 1000m 6 min 14.81 sec
Patrick McErlain Boys U7 1000m 6 min 17.88 sec
Jude Bloom Boys U8 1000m 4 min 35.79 sec
Kristina Nackovski Girls U9 1500m 7 min 28.76 sec
Remy Bloom Boys U9 1500m 6 min 42.41 sec PB
Kai Freer Boys U9 1500m 6 min 50.13 sec
Ciara Willey Girls U10 2000m 8 min 56.00 sec
Zoe Freer Girls U11 2000m 9 min 40.77 sec
Ashleigh Rooke Girls U12 3000m 14 min 27.95 sec
Sarah Rollo Girls U14 3000m 13 min 28.75 sec
Hayden Rooke Boys U14 3000m 12 min 01.74 sec
Mike Willey Boys AV XC Open 3000m 12 min 14.76 sec PB

This Saturday the 17th will be round 9 and we will be at Marg Lewis Reserve in Coldstream. Warm ups are at 8.45 and this will be your last run before we head off the following week to the Eastern Regional Cross Country Championships.