XC Championship Day

Hi CLAC Families,
Well Championship day has come and gone again for another year with the weather being sunny but no real warmth coming from it. It was an excellent days running by our athletes up at Morrisons Reserve. Many medals were awarded and everyone gave their best smiles on the podium. Thank you to all of you.
Here is the results:
Jazlyn CarrollGirls U6XC500m 2 min 49.99 sec PB
Sinead Willey Girls U6 XC500m 3 min 01.29 sec
Chloe Dux Girls U6 XC500m 3 min 38.98 sec
David Nackovski Boys U6 XC500m 2 min 45.22
Tahlah Dux Girls U7 XC1000m 5 min 40.96 sec PB
Violeta Nackovski Girls U7 XC1000m 6 min 15.38
Patrick McErlain Boys U7 XC1000m 6 min 02.83 sec PB
Blake Freer Boys U7 XC1000m 7 min 23.25 sec
Kristina Nackovski Girls U9 XC1500m 9 min 09.13 sec
Kai Freer Boys U9 XC1500m 7 min 55.61 sec
Ciara Willey Girls U10 XC1500m 7 min 21.99 sec
Zoe Freer Girls U11 XC2000m 10 min 16.63 sec
Ashleigh Rooke Girls U12 XC2000m 9 min 16.39 sec
Hayden Rooke Boys U14 XC3000m 12 min 50.52 sec
Charlotte Lord Girls U15 XC3000m 15 min 13.95 sec
Jess Dux Girls AVXC Open XC3000m 15 min 57.80 sec PB
Mike Willey Boys AV XC Open XC3000m 13 min 57.54 sec